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General FAQs

Our company provides comprehensive restoration services. We handle everything from water and fire damage recovery, including personal belongings and structural repair, to complete rebuilding to restore your normalcy.

Restoration is the process of fixing certain things to restore a facility or equipment back to its original state.

Steamatic of San Fernando Valley is open for emergencies 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week. Call +1 (818) 349-8894.

We serve Ventura County, Northern Los Angeles and Los Angeles. Check this map to see the areas in details: Service Areas

Yes, we are available for both Residential and Commercial clients.

Water Damage

Numerous factors determine the extent of damage and the time required for restoration. Each incident of water damage necessitates a tailored approach.

The equipment is configured to prevent further damage and inhibit the growth of mold. It aims to extract moisture from affected materials, restoring them to their original dry state. Typically, this equipment is installed during our initial visit to your premises. The specific type and quantity of machinery deployed are determined by your unique circumstances and in accordance with industry norms.

Once exposed to water, the paper backing becomes saturated and begins to swell. As soon as this happens, the panel starts losing its structural integrity. Both the gypsum material and the insulation behind it can hold moisture for a long time, meaning even a small amount of water can turn into mold. You should have both the drywall and the insulation removed before the problem gets worse. Even small leaks can turn into wider damage.

Many insurance policies do provide some level of coverage in a water damage situation, but you will need to contact your claims adjuster for details about your specific coverage on your policy.  Some flooding related to weather events requires special insurance that is gained through the National Flood Insurance Program.

We employ advanced drying techniques, including the use of industrial air movers and dehumidifiers, complemented by thermal imaging and moisture detection tools. This ensures that we not only remove all standing water but also thoroughly dry out your property to prevent further damage and mold growth. Our precision drying and dehumidification processes are designed to restore safe moisture levels to both the structure and its contents.

Our certified professionals are equipped to manage all types of water damage, from residential water damage caused by flooding or leaks to commercial water emergencies. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and proven methods to tackle any challenge, ensuring comprehensive restoration of your property

Fire Damage

The primary focus of post-fire cleaning involves meticulously eliminating soot residues from both the building’s structure and its contents. Our team adheres to a customized process designed to address the unique requirements of each fire-damaged situation.

The duration of fire restoration can significantly vary, contingent upon the extent of fire, smoke, and soot damage. Additionally, the building size and the quantity of contents play a crucial role in determining the restoration timeline. At Steamatic of San Fernando Valley, we  conduct a comprehensive initial assessment at the project’s outset and furnish you with an estimated timeline, ensuring transparency and informed expectations.

Certainly! Smoke and soot damage can indeed pose challenges, but our restoration team undergo specialized training in highly effective residue removal techniques. Additionally, Steamatic utilizes dedicated cleaning tools and products, specifically designed for fire restoration. Whenever an item is deemed salvageable, we take the initiative to clean it in-house or collaborate with a specialty cleaning vendor who specializes in that specific type of item.

After a fire, the primary focus of the cleaning process is to remove soot residues from both the structure and the contents of the affected home or business. Our approach is customized for each unique fire damage situation.

Professional intervention is crucial for addressing water remaining from firefighting efforts. Our technicians undergo specialized training in fire and water damage restoration, equipped with specialized tools and products. With their expertise, they effectively extract the water and thoroughly dry the home, preventing additional damage such as mold growth.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation not only involves the removal of mold but also extends to eradicating its origin through methods such as sanitization, containment, and in certain instances, even demolition. It’s a complex procedure designed to eliminate present mold and prevent its recurrence.

Airborne mold spores can potentially lead to respiratory complications, allergic reactions, or other health concerns. It’s crucial to await confirmation after remediation and a professional evaluation to ascertain the safety of returning to the impacted zone

Regions with mold growth (exceeding 10 square feet) require expert intervention due to the substantial quantity of spores that could be disrupted. Concealed and apparent mold origins must be excised and eliminated. This task surpasses the abilities of an average homeowner, particularly if the mold is affixed to structural wooden supports. To initiate the remediation procedure, conduct an inspection, pinpoint the origin, devise a remediation strategy, and establish a permanent solution to rectify the issue.

  1. Identify areas that are damp or have mold 
  2. Address the root cause of the moisture issues
  3. Desiccate or substitute damp materials
  4. Sanitize or discard materials affected by mold

Yes, prolonged exposure to mold can potentially lead to long-term health problems. Individuals with allergies, asthma, or immune system disorders may be particularly susceptible to the effects of mold. Long-term exposure can exacerbate respiratory conditions and cause symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, sore throat, and, in severe cases, can lead to more serious health issues like asthma exacerbation or chronic respiratory illnesses. It’s important to address mold issues promptly to mitigate these risks. If you suspect mold in your property following storm damage or flooding, it’s crucial to have it assessed and remediated by professionals to ensure your environment is safe and healthy.

Contents Recovery

Contents Recovery is a specialized service aimed at restoring personal and business items that have been damaged by disasters such as floods, fires, smoke, or mold. This process involves a series of steps designed to clean, repair, and restore items to their pre-damaged condition as much as possible.

Not all damaged items can be fully restored, as the feasibility depends on the extent and type of damage. We recommend submitting any item you value for our expert assessment. Our team will evaluate and inform you which items can be effectively restored. We’ll provide transparent advice on the potential for recovery and offer alternatives for items that cannot be restored. Trust our expertise to guide you in deciding the best action for your cherished belongings.

Our services are equipped to handle a wide variety of items with the care and expertise they require. From electronics damaged by water or smoke, precious textiles and clothing, to essential documents and cherished family heirlooms, our advanced restoration techniques are designed to address the unique needs of each item. We utilize specialized cleaning technologies, such as ultrasonic cleaning for delicate items and ozone treatment for odor removal, ensuring a comprehensive restoration.

We prioritize the security and integrity of your valuables from the moment they come into our care. After a detailed inventory and assessment, your items are stored in our secure, climate-controlled facilities, safeguarding them against further damage. Our industry-leading content management systems allow us to keep a meticulous record of your belongings, ensuring they are handled with the utmost care and respect throughout the restoration process

Comprehensive documentation is a crucial part of our Contents Recovery and Restoration Process. Throughout the restoration, we maintain detailed records of the work performed on each item, including before-and-after photos, a description of the restoration techniques used, and the condition of the item at each stage. This documentation is provided to you for insurance purposes, ensuring a transparent and clear record of the restoration efforts and outcomes.

Storm Damage & Disaster

The duration of flood damage restoration can range from a few days to several months. Minor damages often require a few days to a week for drying out and repairs. However, extensive flood damage, involving structural repairs, mold remediation, and content restoration, can extend the process to several weeks or months. Each situation is unique, and we provide a personalized recovery plan to give you a more accurate timeline based on the specific conditions of your property.

Typically, most standard homeowners insurance policies do cover storm damage, including wind, rain, and hail damage. However, it’s important to note that specific coverage can vary greatly depending on your insurance provider and the details of your policy. Our team at Steamatic of San Fernando Valley can assist in the documentation and assessment process to support your insurance claim, ensuring you have the necessary information to navigate your coverage effectively.

Our emergency response teams are available 24/7 and are committed to acting swiftly in the wake of a disaster. We understand the importance of prompt action to mitigate damage, and we aim to assess and initiate the restoration process as quickly as possible to ensure efficient recovery.

We specialize in restoring properties affected by a wide range of natural disasters, including severe storms, floods, and other climate-related damages. Our team is equipped to handle everything from water removal and drying to structural repairs and interior refurbishments, ensuring your property is restored to its pre-loss condition.

Yes, our skilled professionals are adept at addressing all forms of storm-related damage. This includes comprehensive structural repairs and interior refurbishments, allowing us to manage the entire reconstruction process and restore your property to its original state or better.

General Cleaning

The frequency of carpet and rug cleaning varies based on several factors. In homes without children, pets, or smokers, carpets should be cleaned every 2 years. For homes with children, pets, or where smoking occurs, more frequent cleaning—every 12  months—is recommended. In office buildings, carpets typically require cleaning every 12 months.

The cleaning frequency depends on several factors related to the building where the item is situated. The number of occupants, presence of children and pets, and whether smoking occurs all play a role in determining how often cleaning is necessary. Generally, upholstery and draperies should be cleaned every 2 years. However, specific circumstances may necessitate more frequent cleaning.

Regular cleaning of curtains or draperies is recommended every 2 years. Depending on the type of draperies or curtains you have, you can perform the cleaning yourself. Before attempting this, carefully review the manufacturer’s instructions for fabric care. Keep in mind that certain fabrics may necessitate a professional dry cleaning or other specialized cleaning methods.

Reconstruction & Repairs

As soon as the estimate is approved by your Insurance Co. and you have signed our work auth. We would schedule a Project Manager to manage your repairs from start to finish.

Only if it is necessary to facilitate the repairs.

If it is minor upgrades to work being performed already,  we are usually able to accommodate within reason.

If a pack out is necessary to facilitate we would need to move items into an onsite POD or bring it back and vault it in our climate controlled warehouse.

No, you do not need to be present while we work to repair your home. We will communicate regularly with you about the timeline and current stage of the project, so you are aware of the activities occurring on any given day.

Specialty Cleaning

To eliminate cigarette smoke and other odors from your home, we initiate a comprehensive cleaning process that targets tar and nicotine residues on walls, ceilings, and other solid surfaces. Additionally, soft surfaces require thorough cleaning. Subsequently, we employ a deodorization method utilizing a hydroxyl machine. Since each situation is unique, we recommend reaching out to us for a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs.

Yes, the heating and cooling system in your home, or business plays a crucial role in distributing conditioned air throughout the building. Air duct cleaning specifically involves the interior cleaning of this ventilation system and other associated components.

If you observe significant mold growth in the system, vermin infestation, or clogging due to dust and debris, it is advisable to consider professional cleaning.