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Fire & Smoke Restoration in San Fernando Valley

We have seen firsthand the devastation a residential or commercial fire can cause. Fire and smoke restoration services by Steamatic of San Fernando Valley will help restore your greatest asset and all of your possessions to their original, pre-loss condition.

Fires have devastating and long-lasting consequences, even if your home or business survives the blaze. Not only can fire severely weaken a structure by destroying walls and support beams, but it also causes smoke damage, which can discolor hard surfaces and infiltrate carpets, rugs, upholstery, and drapes. If your home or business has been damaged by fire, you need professional fire damage repair services to eliminate all damage caused by the fire. Since 1994, Steamatic of San Fernando Valley has provided fire damage cleanup to the surrounding area. Our specialists have the knowledge, tools, and experience required to perform comprehensive fire damage repairs.

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When To Look for Professional Help for Fire and Smoke Restoration

After a fire, you should contact Steamatic of San Fernando Valley immediately to ensure that your home remains structurally sound. Smoke damage can be even more devastating than the fire itself, and it can be difficult to remove the unpleasant smell once the smoke has permeated your home. Professional fire and smoke restoration services are more thorough and efficient than washing porous surfaces and scrubbing hard ones yourself.

How Our Restoration Process Works

Having access to top-of-the-line equipment is essential for complete fire restoration. Our technicians will use the right tools to perform the following steps to ensure the restoration process is completed thoroughly.

  • Initial inspection:

Starting with an initial inspection, our team will examine your house or business and analyze the damage that has happened. We review every surface to determine the extent of its damage. Documenting structural and smoke damage allows our technicians to develop a customized restoration plan.

  • Create a restoration plan:

After we have a thorough understanding of the fire damage, we construct a restoration plan. This ensures we never skip a step and take extra attention to your home’s areas that have sustained more significant damage.

  • Repair Structural damage:

To ensure the building remains stable, we will repair physical damage to the walls and support beams.

  • Clean hard surfaces:

Smoke often discolors cabinets, countertops, and floors. We use high-quality cleaning supplies to strip away discoloration and restore hard surfaces to their former glory.

  • Wash porous surfaces:

Smoke quickly penetrates surfaces such as rugs, drapes, stuffed animals, and upholstered furniture. These items must be cleaned thoroughly to remove the smoke odor from your home. When possible, we use state-of-the-art equipment to strip away dirt, debris, and odor before drying the fabric completely. Occasionally, we have to remove objects and clean them in our facility.

  • Final walkthrough:

We inspect the house a final time to ensure there is no smoke residue left behind, and every surface has been properly restored.


24/7 Emergency Response

Fires can happen at any time, so we’re available for emergency cleanup 24/7. Our experts head out right when you call, so there’s minimal waiting time. Once on-site, our team can assess the situation and determine the best plan of action.

When a building suffers fire damage, some parts of the structure may be compromised. If left unaddressed, these issues can lead to further harm later on. With their rapid response time, Steamatic of San Fernando Valley professionals can identify structural problems and prevent future deterioration.

Why Choose Steamatic of San Fernando Valley

Steamatic of San Fernando Valley has been providing comprehensive fire restoration services to locals for nearly 30 years. Each of our technicians is highly trained and has the ability to design a custom restoration program for our clients. We only use the best cleaning products and equipment to finish jobs quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to eradicate every trace of smoke or fire damage in order to restore your home to its former glory.

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