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Wind Restoration Services in San Fernando Valley

Around the country, natural catastrophes have become more common and severe as a result of recent weather events. Communities have been devastated by high winds and severe storm systems that strike without warning, destroying everything in their path. Steamatic of San Fernando Valley provides comprehensive wind damage and restoration services and partners with major insurers to be one of the first on the scene after a storm. We can help you clean up after and rebuild after a storm is over in northern Los Angeles.

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Northern Los Angeles Wind Damage Restoration Services

Steamatic of San Fernando Valley helps protect your property from high winds by responding immediately when the storm stops. We can reduce the amount of damage and get your property back up and running quickly and efficiently. We provide the following services:

  • Tree removal: We clean up fallen trees and branches and remove them from your property.
  • Tarp placement: When the wind has damaged your roof or torn it off the building, we have resources to  place tarps to prevent further damage until we can replace the roof.
  • Structural repair: Once a structure is damaged by wind, we work quickly to stabilize it so that you can resume your usual routine.
  • Debris hauling: When strong storms dump a lot of debris in your yard or leaves remnants of your home scattered around the property, we clear the debris promptly.
  • Window board-ups: Damaged or broken windows are not only unsafe, but they also increase environmental risks in your home. We clean up shattered windows and boards up the area until we can replace them to reduce the amount of damage your home sustains.
  • Demolition: Sometimes, wind and storm damage is too significant to be repaired. We can tear down buildings that are beyond repair and rebuild them.

Why Choose the Steamatic of San Fernando Valley?

We repair all kinds of wind damage to ensure your home or commercial building is safe. If your home has been damaged by a strong storm, contact us immediately to resolve the issue and completely restore your property.

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